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Intentional Supervision: Part 3

Part 3: Setting your Supervisors up for Success

The quality and consistency of supervision in your organization will be the strongest determinant of professional culture and staff satisfaction. Your supervisors are an integral part of the smooth running of your organization and each supervisor should understand and appreciate the critical role they play. When staff know they can depend on their supervisor for support, advice, encouragement, and advocacy, they stay longer, work harder, and contribute less to toxic workplace behavior.

Each new supervisor should receive a complete packet of information about their supervisee. The packet should accompany an overview meeting with their supervisor or a superior to review the expectations of supervision and the particulars of the specific relationship that is beginning. Don’t skimp on this meeting. Dedicate sufficient time to talk about the supervisee’s role, skills, and goals for the year.


The new supervisor should be provided with a packet containing the following information:

  • Intentions and expectations for supervision in your organization

  • Job description of the supervisee and resume (new hires only)

  • Details of tasks for the supervisee as well as clarity around who will assign tasks

  • Copy of the organizational chart show the chain of supervision

  • Checklist for first supervision meeting

  • Form to be completed by supervisor following first meeting

  • Details for scheduled performance review if known

  • Instructions for tracking supervisee vacation/sick time (only if this is part of your organizational HR system)

Included here is an editable template of this packet. The supervisory packet should reflect the spirit and intentions of your specific organization and clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor as well as their lines of support should an issue arise in the course of the supervisory relationship.


Supervisors should have regularly scheduled check-in meetings with their supervisor or someone superior in the organization to share the progress of their supervisee and any challenges they foresee. Frequency will depend on many factors, especially the experience level of the supervisor, but aim for a quarterly or twice yearly meeting. No less than annually, no more than monthly.

Intentional Supervision - Supervisory Packet
Download DOCX • 246KB

Next installment:

Starting Strong: Tools for establishing and maintaining a helpful and meaningful relationship between supervisor and supervisee.

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