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Workshops and Board Retreats

From email etiquette to difficult conversations and how to be a better lay leader, we lead workshops designed and tailored for your community. We love a good workshop series because we really get to know your team and see the impact our sessions have.

Setting The Table: Inviting and Maintaining Connected and Invested Lay-Leaders

You’ve invited your lay-leaders to the table. Now what? Synagogues thrive when staff, lay leaders, and clergy have defined roles working towards a shared vision. In this workshop, learn how to create excitement among your leadership and maintain momentum for future success.

What's my Role? Understanding the evolving roles and responsibilities of synagogue leaders

Synagogues thrive when lay leaders understand their essential role in the life and future of the congregation.  In this workshop participants will learn the elements of good leadership, like the 10 Commandments of Board Members, and leave feeling excited and confident about their leadership term.  

Maintaining Healthy Boundaries in a Culture of Yes

How can we set up our staff (and ourselves) to best meet the needs of our members without feeling overworked, under appreciated and burned out?

Managing Meetings You Want to Attend

We will discuss ways to plan for and run efficient, satisfactory meetings encouraging staff participation and accomplishment.

We are all RogueShul

Learn ways to cultivate an environment of care, humor, and excellence among your staff and leadership.

Decisions and Opportunities

Creating predictable systems for elevating, discussing, determining and actuating change in your community.

Shul Staffer's Guide to Management

Everyone in your synagogue manages something, whether it's a large team of educators or the K-2 parent email list. This session will address how shul staffers can become empowered to oversee their work with integrity and pride. This session brings shul staffers to some important truths about what it means to be managed, and how to have a positive relationship with their supervisor.

Teamwork in Times of High Stress

The work of a synagogue is multi-faceted and fast paced. This workshop will cover best practices for team collaboration, with group inspired solutions for increasing workplace efficiency and harmony. Together we'll discuss how to avoid pitfalls such as blame, avoidance, and gossip, with staffers emerging prepared to strive towards the same goals.

Today and Tomorrow: Cultivating Lay Leadership What are the best ways to find, train, and keep excellent lay leaders in our communities?

Understanding how to craft a good leadership pipeline and working together to identify and grow the next generation of leaders will secure a bright future for your community.

Making the Case for Dues in the 21st Century and fostering respectful conversations about money.

Together we will get to the heart of what makes us all uncomfortable about money conversations. This workshop will help your community create strategies for improving transparency and deepening investment from your members and strengthening your financial horizon.

Let's do this:

Create a shared conversation, workshop, or board retreat for your congregation today.

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