From email etiquette to difficult conversations and how to apologize, we lead workshops designed and tailored for your community. We love a good workshop series because we really get to know your team and see the impact our sessions have.


It's The Little Things:​ Why Details Matter

People notice being noticed. Let's figure out the best ways for you to show your community you're paying attention.

A Spreadsheet Can Solve That!

Data is for everyone!  Learn how to master a spreadsheet that does exactly what you need.

Difficult Conversations and the Art of the Apology

Good communicators change the world. Learn how to share your thoughts with respect and clarity.

BCC is your BFF: Email Etiquette for Organizations

Control your inbox and control your workflow. Don't let email control you!

Creating Efficient Systems

An efficient system changes everything. Feel like you're winning every day, and spend more time doing what really matters.

Engaging Youth

Learn how to create a strong youth community. Explore your greater goals and prioritize what matters most for teens and families.

Teamwork: Say "I've Got Your Back" and Mean It

Your team is your greatest asset. This workshop will cover de-siloing, strong communication, and  celebrating collective success.

"Someone Mentioned That..." Learning To Listen With Intention

What people are saying matters, and what they are not saying matters even more. Sharpen your active listening skills and hone in on important details!


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