ShulCloud Consulting

Real Time Strategy offers a limited number of ShulCloud Consulting retainer clients each year. As your ShulCloud managers, we become experts in your congregation and can quickly and efficiently support your ShulCloud efforts.


Outsource your ShulCloud needs to us! We know what we're doing and how to work efficiently, and we'll do exactly what you need on your timeline, no questions asked!

Custom Forms

We’ll take on all your form creation: event registration, congregation registration, and more.

Custom Reports

Reports for anything and everything you could want created and executed by us: you just have to tell us what you need!

Email Communications

We’ll review and clean your email lists, lay out your communications and make them pretty, and coordinate your send schedule.

Technical Support

Run into an issue? Just let us know and we’ll take care of it for you quickly and thoughtfully.

School Enrollment

Real Time Strategy designs your timeline for school enrollment and organizes and designs all the required pieces for preschool, religious school, and summer camp.

Workshops and Trainings

We’ll run training for your staff and Board about how to use ShulCloud and for your congregants about how to log into their account.


Let's do this:

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