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Principles First

We believe synagogue life is relevant and alive.

We know synagogues are places of holiness and excitement and innovation. We love this is a community that moves through life with it’s congregants: births and first days of school and B’nei Mitzvot and marriage and passings. We’re not waiting for the next big thing. We’re in this with you and we’re here to ignite what is already alive and awesome.

We believe synagogue staff and board want to be successful and everyone can be a leader.

You want to do great things. Your staff wants to do great things. Your board wants to do great things. And your community wants to do great things. So let’s do it! Together, we can encourage innovation and change and success and make everyone feel good while doing it.

We believe hard conversations are some of the most important ones.

Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt and the assumption they’re trying to do good. We’ve found most difficult people are simply passionate members who want positive change. And while we know this to be true, we don’t shy away from hard conversations that may lead to hard decisions. We know how to have them and how to help you through them and how to remind you the outcome is worth it.

We believe deep down to our core everyone wants the same wonderful outcomes for our Jewish institutions, even if we want them in different ways.

We want a thriving community, meaningful relationships, positive growth, guaranteed stability, moments of connection, and a joyful work and religious environment. And we know everyone else in the Jewish community wants that, too.

We believe working with synagogues is a craft.

And it’s one we’ve honed after a combined 25 years in the field. It’s skilled work requiring a unique approach and we do it with plenty of professionalism and a side of whimsy and silly and snark. We believe you can be serious without taking yourself too seriously–and it’s all the more rewarding that way.

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