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ShulCloud Transition

So you want to move to ShulCloud? We can help!

We support in entire ShulCloud transition process, from data transfer from your existing database, to extensive training and coaching sessions, to finally launching to your congregants. We specialize in breaking things down into small, manageable steps and walking your synagogue through the entire transition process.

What does the transition process look like?

General overview of the process. Depending on your needs and timing the transition process can be customized.

Data Cleanup

Cleanup and prepare data in existing database for initial export to ShulCloud

ShulCloud 101

Introduce staff to ShulCloud and show the basics of how the software works.

Specialized Trainings

In-depth trainings on different sections of ShulCloud including, CRM, Financial, Yahrzeits, Website, Forms, Emails and Reports.

Payment Processing

Assistance in integrating your payment processing system and bank accounts into ShulCloud.

School Enrollment and Member Renewals

Have school enrollment or membership renewals coming up? We can prioritize these areas and make sure you are ready to go on day 1 of launch.


Prepare your staff for launch and teach them how to best support your congregants. Real Time Strategy monitors the launch of ShulCloud to your community and helps to solve any initial issues.

Ready to transition your congregation to ShulCloud?

Looking for a different type of ShulCloud help?

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