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So, what's our story?

We first met at Temple Shalom of Newton in 2015, when Caroline joined as the Education and Marketing Manager and Ellie was the Director of Youth Engagement. We worked together incredibly well and found ourselves going to one another to talk through many of the common obstacles of congregation life. In 2018, we anonymously started @RogueShul on Twitter, which reinforced both our unique perspective and our awesome ability to work together.

Sometime in 2020, working from home during the pandemic, we started to say–jokingly, at first–that every synagogue needed “an us.” And what we meant is this: working together we have a unique perspective on how Jewish communities operate and we can naturally and easily find solutions to common industry challenges.

So on July 3, Ellie texted Caroline to ask if she was interested in officially becoming “an us” that others could hire. Weeks later, Real Time Strategy was created and it was good.

Caroline Dorn

Founding Partner


Caroline is a talented professional who sees the work of Jewish community through a lens of engagement and relationships. She cares deeply about hospitality and welcoming and knows the smallest details can have the highest impact on the way people feel about their communities. Caroline is an alumna of the Union or Reform Judaism Jew’V’Nations LGBTQIA Fellowship, a participant in JDC Entwine’s LGBTQIA Jewish Uruguay and Argentina Exploration, and a 2020 Chai In The Hub award winner.

Caroline’s Writing:

So, what else?

  • Caroline is a trained comedian and has studied improvisation and comedy writing.

  • She makes an EXCELLENT cheese board.

  • Caroline grew up at Camp Tel Noar and is a proud alumna of Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.

Ellie Klein Goldman

Founding Partner


Ellie is a proud midwesterner who was called to Jewish communal work first as a career professional in Jewish youth engagement and later as a synagogue Program Director and Executive Director.  Ellie is a 2002 graduate of the HUC-JIR/USC masters program in Jewish Communal Service and Social Work.  

Ellie lives in Framingham, MA with her husband Jeff and their children, Ada, Sam, and Ted.

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